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  • Joanne Haeussinger
    May 22, 2012
      My little girl, Twix, went into CHF in February. We didn't even know she was sick. She is currently on Lasix three times a day (5mg), Enalapryl, and Periactin (appetite stimulant). She is like a new kitty. She's gained weight, is happy, plays, and seems perfectly fine. We had been given the same "months" diagnosis. I know that things can turn quickly, but I just want you to know that many of us have had great success with meds and that only your girl will determine her timeline. :) she may have some good time yet!
      Hope all goes well.

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      On May 22, 2012, at 6:49 AM, Wendy <wthomp381@...> wrote:

      > Lyn,
      > This is helpful. When the vet drained the fluids and started him on furosemide, she told me that she had not had not seen much success with Lasix in cats. She led me to believe that Chili had a couple months, at most. She also suggested benazepril, which she said reduces pressure in the vessels. Thinking his time was limited, and knowing how much he dislikes taking medication, I did not start it yet. But aside from the increased appetite and activity, and now the breathing issue, he still loves to socialize and go outside. Overall, he seems to be very happy. Are you familiar with benazepril?
      > Thanks again.
      > Wendy
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      > Hi Wendy
      > It is vital that Chilli gets his furosemide twice or even three times a
      > day. The drug lasts for about eight hours and prevents fluid build up. Once a
      > day wouldn't be enough to prevent this. I`m not sure what dose he is on in
      > mgs as he is on a liquid dose, but cats in heart failure can have up to 5mg
      > 6 times a day ( the dose my Trixi needed for the week she was in severe
      > heart failure). Furosemide is also a tiny pill so maybe he would prefer that
      > than liquid as it can easily be hidden in a treat.
      > He also likely needs other drugs to help his heart, like fortekor or
      > atenolol or vetmedin. These would relax the heart, lower the blood pressure and
      > assist it so there won't be as much fluid back up. My cats have lived for 6
      > years so far, one with advnaced HCM diagnosed as a kitten so there may be
      > plenty of life left in Chilli. All my HCM cats need a cocktail of drugs to
      > assist the heart and they take the diuretics when in heart failure.
      > I would ask for a referral to the cardiologist who did his scan for a
      > treatment recommendation if possible. They can put him on heart drugs to assist
      > his heart.
      > Lyn:)
      > _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)
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