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4508Re: Heart Disease & sub-Q fluids

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  • elevine41
    Jan 1, 2002
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      --- In feline-heart@y..., JettawayFCRs@a... wrote:
      > I would be very concerned about giving fluids to a cat with heart
      > My own vet gave my sweet Quincy fluids, twice, even tho I told them
      he had
      > previously been diagnosed with a heart murmur by my previous vet.
      > different vets at my clinic listened and did not hear it. Looking
      back, they
      > did not take much time to listen, either. In fact, one said later,
      he was
      > purring so loud, she could not hear anything-but at the time, she
      said he did
      > NOT have a murmur. Turns out his murmur was at least a grade 4,
      which is
      > pretty easy to hear. At the time, Quincy had been sick, with
      > symptoms of a heart problem, altho I myself did not know that at
      the time,
      > including a blood clot in his leg (which the vet said was a
      sprained knee),
      > and the vet thought, altho he was not very dehydrated, fluids might
      make him
      > feel better. I knew from reading emails lists that that was not a
      good idea
      > if a heart problem was present. So, I warned them about the
      murmur, and they
      > ignored me. The second time they gave him fluids, and an enema, he
      went into
      > congestive heart failure, which the cardiologist we were FINALLY
      sent to,
      > said was caused by the fluids. Quincy's suffering and eventual
      death could
      > have been prevented, had my vets seen that his symptoms added up to
      a heart
      > problem, and had they referred us to a specialist a week or two
      sooner. By
      > the time we got to one, they said he was not in too bad of shape
      and would
      > recover, but he was too weak from fighting to stay alive without
      eating for
      > so long. His illness and death still haunts me as I know he
      > needlessly. At the vet school where Quincy was finally treated,
      they said
      > fluids need to be given very carefully, and they do them as an IV
      drip, where
      > about 1 drop at a time goes in, and the cat is monitored
      carefully. I would
      > not give fluids to a cat with a heart condition, unless a
      cardiologist was
      > consulted.
      > Heidi

      Thanks for sharing your experience with me. I am very sorry about
      Quincy. Blue has been seen by a specialist, but not in
      Cardiology...his HCM is pretty severe, very little area left for the
      blood to flow through...his CRF is moderate? Bun 59, & Crea 3.61. If
      my memory serves me right, it has been said that you can get by
      without sub-Q's until the Crea reaches the 4's, so I won't even
      consider it at this point, & I will have my specialist consult with a
      cardiologist, before I ever would! He is still drinking quite a bit,
      & if I could just get him to eat more & stop losing weight, I would
      be a little more comfortable...

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