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  • Kathleen King
    May 3, 2012
      As I said before - I beleive part of the reason I was given this is because I live so far away from the emergency vet.  The other things is, we knew Danny's BP went up during emergencies. 
      I think it is really important to know your cat.  I considered the Nitro a life or death situation medication.  I did not use it because I was not in that situation. On the other hand, my brother-in-law found his cat collasped with very labored breathing and cyanotic gums and pads.  I think I would have used it if Danny had been like that.

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      Re: nitroprusside

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      > Wow, this sounds like something we all could have on hand. Especially for those whose cats have had fluid on the lungs previously. I hope you have a chance to do a little research on this and its exact uses. Has anyone else been given nitroglycerin for their cats?

      Some cardiologists don't use it anymore in animals because they think it does not absorb transdermally. If it does absorb transdermally, it can cause a frightening drop in blood pressure -- animals on IV nitroprusside have their BP monitored constantly because its effect on BP can be so strong.

      Personally, if my cat was in bad enough shape that I thought he needed nitro before we got to the ER, he'd be in bad enough shape that I'd be too nervous about his BP to try it. Cats and dogs in a CHF crisis can be hypotensive and this is life-threatening. I think getting to the ER is the important thing. If you live more than 30 min away, it's good to have a plan, but apart from those cases, just getting there as fast as you can while still being safe is the most important thing.

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