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  • Laurie Stead
    Apr 30, 2012
      Boo has been taking 2.5mg once a day since she was diagnosed with DCM in Nov 2011.  I was told it is an ACE-inhibitor that may help stabilize Boo's heart and blood pressure.


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      Hi Shiloh

      I'm on the CRF list too, but have been censored a few times (!) so I don't go there much.

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      > 1. Is doubling Delilah's dose too much or is this an appropriate dosage?

      Standard dose is 0.5mg/kg SID, so 2.5 is the dose for most cats. Was your cat really started on this for a heart murmur, or was there an echocardiogram that showed severe heart enlargement and high risk of CHF?

      > 2. Is Gabriel's dosage an appropriate dosage to start with?

      See above. Because benazepril can be detrimental to kidneys, some vets start it at half dose, then do the full dose, then take blood to check renal values.

      > 3. Should Samson be on Benazapril also?

      Does he consistently have proteinuria above 0.4 on a urine protein/creatinine test? At least 2 tests done at least 2 wks apart?

      > 5. Has anyone seen Benazapril slow the progression of CRF?

      There is evidence that benazepril lowers the UPC in cats who have proteinuria. If your cat doesn't have proteinuria, I am not sure what the point is in taking it. It's unclear if it extends lifespan even in cats that do have proteinuria. About 6 years ago there was a flurry of studies of benazepril in CKD cats as part of an effort to show that it helped cats with CKD. They were unable to prove this. They did show consistently that it was able to lower UPC in cats who had a high UPC:


      > 6. If Benazapril is "kitty kidney candy", then why aren't all senior kitties prescribed it?

      My eyebrows are raised at the term "kitty kidney candy." All senior cats don't get this because most cat specialists, internists, and veterinary nephrologists think it's useless other than to lower protein in cats with significant proteinuria. My cat, with a UPC of 0.0, will never get benazepril unless/until that changes significantly.

      > 7. Are there any negative side effects from Benazapril that I should watch for, other than lethargy from low BP?

      Well, yeah. It increases azotemia in some cats. Benazepril lowers GFR; in cats who are blowing protein out of their kidneys due to glomerular disease, decreasing the blowout may help delay the progression of the disease. In cats who do not have glomerular disease, all you have is decreased GFR which isn't helpful.

      Hope this helps. Please feel free to post any further questions here.


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