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  • shiloh567
    Apr 29, 2012
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      Hi Feline Heart Group-

      I am a member of the CRF group and posted a message in regards to Benazapril, but received very little response. It was recommended that I ask you folks my questions. This is my original post to the CRF group. Any comments from this group would be much appreciated.

      I wanted to know your opinion on Benazapril.

      Scenario #1: My 13 year old female kitty (Delilah) has been on Benazapril 1.25MG PO QD for over a year. She was originally put on it for her mild to moderate heart murmur. She also is stage 2 CRF (creatinine = 2.6 as of 4/11/12) so, the vet increased the dose to 2.5MG PO QD. She is about 11 pounds. She just finished a round of Amoxicillin for a UTI and she is now Hypothyroid from I-131 therapy.

      Scenario #2: My 13 year old male kitty (Gabriel) who is CRF early stage 2 (creatinine = 2.3 as of 4/25/12) was just started on Benazapril 2.5MG PO QD for his CRF. The vet says Benazapril is "kitty kidney candy". Gabriel weighs about 10 pounds. He has no other known health issues.

      Scenario #3: My 13 year old male kitty (Samson) is late stage 2 CRF (creatinine = 2.8 as of 4/11/12) is not on Benazapril. He has no other known health issues other than obesity (almost 17 pounds).

      1. Is doubling Delilah's dose too much or is this an appropriate dosage?
      2. Is Gabriel's dosage an appropriate dosage to start with?
      3. Should Samson be on Benazapril also?
      4. Have any of your kitties been put on Benazapril just for the CRF?
      5. Has anyone seen Benazapril slow the progression of CRF?
      6. If Benazapril is "kitty kidney candy", then why aren't all senior kitties prescribed it?
      7. Are there any negative side effects from Benazapril that I should watch for, other than lethargy from low BP?

      Thank you in advance for your responses.
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