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  • Lynda Doty
    Apr 7, 2012
      My cat has CRF, although it is under control. I know that might be an issue, but what you said about that "potent tool" on hand rings so true with me. I would never get over it if she went into heart failure and I couldn't get her to the doctor in time.

      Lynda, Martha, Morelli & Angel C.B.

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      Subject: [FH] Re: Lasix
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      Date: Sunday, April 8, 2012, 1:12 AM


      My HCM cat, Zax, takes Lasix twice a day. We monitor his resting respiration rate closely and periodically give him an extra one as needed (when his respiration rate increases by 20%). My vet has given us clear-cut indications on when we should give the extra Lasix and how often, etc...I feel so much better knowing that we have a potent tool on hand in combatting fluid build-up.

      We also monitor his kidney function closely since he takes Lasix regularly.


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      > I want to ask my cat's cardiologist for some lasix to keep on hand in case she goes into CHF. She has had that happen twice so far. It is an hour to his clinic, and I have concerns about weekends and holidays--

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