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  • Leo Wempu
    Apr 4, 2012
      You are entitled to have your opinion :-).

      One thing I find puzzling is the need to categorize everything as either all "good" or all "bad". Too much of anything, as well as too little, can be bad. Rare things are either completely bad or completely good in essence. Think of drugs for example. The right amount can save a life, too much can kill and too little be ineffective.

      Also, what's best for your cat may not be best for your neighbour's cat. The guide didn't say your kitty needs to eat carbohydrates. If you read it, it said carbohydrates are not essential but provide energy. That energy might come in handy for an underweight CRF kitty, who can't handle loads of protein for example. Talking about CRF, many CRF kitties eat pumpkin for constipation. Would you like to deny them their pumpkin, because fiber is supposedly "bad"?

      If I may ask, a little respect for other people's choices. Choices that may work for them and their kitties.

      I'm sorry to hear about your Gandalf's health problem.


      From: Vicky <zhrbjn@...>
      Cc: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wednesday, April 4, 2012 4:57 PM
      Subject: [FH] Re: Your Cat's Nutritional Needs

      The guide is copyright 2006 and seems very outdated. While some of the 
      charts may be accurate, I seriously question many of the conclusions 
      it makes about what to feed cats. When a scientific publication states 
      that the cat has a short intestine, yet  can't conclude that 
      carbohydrates and fiber are bad, I would not recommend any of their 
      guidelines. They even mention the false assumption that fiber helps 
      control blood glucose. Fiber in the form of grains or plant products 
      contribute to hyperglycemia by adding carbohydrates. The pamphlet even 
      says, "Because cats are carnivores, the short length of their long 
      intestines limits their ability to ferment fibers that are found in 
      many carbohydrates."
      So why even suggest that cats need carbohydrates and fiber???

      If anyone wants to learn what to appropriately feed cats, please go to 
      catinfo.org. Written and maintained by a licensed veterinarian with 
      decades of feline experince, Dr. Pierson explains in a no nonsense 
      fashion why cats need to eat meat or at least good quality canned 
      food. The examples she gives from her own experiences are helpful 
      explanations. Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins also wrote a very good book 
      called "Your Cat." There are several other vets online, Dr. Hofke is 
      one, Dr. Zoran is another, who repeat over and over again that cats 
      are obligate carnivores, which means they should eat meat only.

      After feeding Hill's Science Diet "Hairball Control" to my magnificent 
      Nebelung kitty Gandalf for several years, he became diabetic. I 
      learned a lot about what is best for cats because of that horrible 
      disease, and I hope to help others avoid the heartbreak.


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