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44778Re: Your Cat's Nutritional Needs

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  • Vicky
    Apr 4, 2012
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      The guide is copyright 2006 and seems very outdated. While some of the
      charts may be accurate, I seriously question many of the conclusions
      it makes about what to feed cats. When a scientific publication states
      that the cat has a short intestine, yet can't conclude that
      carbohydrates and fiber are bad, I would not recommend any of their
      guidelines. They even mention the false assumption that fiber helps
      control blood glucose. Fiber in the form of grains or plant products
      contribute to hyperglycemia by adding carbohydrates. The pamphlet even
      says, "Because cats are carnivores, the short length of their long
      intestines limits their ability to ferment fibers that are found in
      many carbohydrates."
      So why even suggest that cats need carbohydrates and fiber???

      If anyone wants to learn what to appropriately feed cats, please go to
      catinfo.org. Written and maintained by a licensed veterinarian with
      decades of feline experince, Dr. Pierson explains in a no nonsense
      fashion why cats need to eat meat or at least good quality canned
      food. The examples she gives from her own experiences are helpful
      explanations. Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins also wrote a very good book
      called "Your Cat." There are several other vets online, Dr. Hofke is
      one, Dr. Zoran is another, who repeat over and over again that cats
      are obligate carnivores, which means they should eat meat only.

      After feeding Hill's Science Diet "Hairball Control" to my magnificent
      Nebelung kitty Gandalf for several years, he became diabetic. I
      learned a lot about what is best for cats because of that horrible
      disease, and I hope to help others avoid the heartbreak.


      On Apr 3, 2012, at 6:13 PM, Leo Wempu wrote:

      > That's good news!
      > I see you've received lots of advice on how to feed Mystro. Here's a
      > little guide to add to the mix :-)
      > http://dels-old.nas.edu/dels/rpt_briefs/cat_nutrition_final.pdf
      > You'll want her to get everything she needs, but a little less
      > calories each day, so she'll loose weight slowly and safely. I
      > actually think it might be easier with canned food. The amount of
      > dry per day is quite restricted and she might not be a happy cat.
      > There's quite nothing like a kitty on a diet begging for more food
      > to make one feel like a "criminal".
      > Henna & Angel Leo
      > ________________________________
      > From: Jackie <jboynton@...>
      > To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Tuesday, April 3, 2012 7:52 PM
      > Subject: [FH] Great news for Mystro; many things ruled out by new
      > vet!! No CHF or Asthma!
      > I finally took mystro to a third vet, who gave me the right
      > diagnosis. She does NOT have CHF, She does Not have respiratory
      > disease. She is way TOO fat, despite diet. She is NOT diabetic!! He
      > felt the litter was causing both of us to cough, lol.
      > So, since the diets prescribed by former vets have always been "no
      > more than 2/3 cup of dry food a day, anything's fine." My new and
      > permanent vet is checking thyroid to see if that might causing her
      > to continue gaining weight, despite special diet last vet gave me.
      > Great news all around, thyroid test results tomorrow. I now have
      > enough enalapril and furosemide to treat a cat with real heart
      > disease for a year. But she doesn't need them, so I don't even care
      > that they cost a fortune. Actually, I am very close to needing both
      > of them if my heart doesn't get better, and my BP continues to rise.
      > For the first time in many months, I now am able to think straight,
      > and my panic is subsiding. I knew the cat didn't need those pills,
      > she wasn't having the symptoms that your FH or FA kittys do. Mystro
      > and I are blessed. I hope I can stll be a part of this group, becase
      > she might just get CHF. And I contiue to learn about many other
      > things here.
      > Peace to all, love jackie and fat mystro. No more pilling, yay!!!!
      > Unless the thyroid tests are funky. But no CHF, such a miracle
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