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44769Re: [FH] Re: Great news for Mystro; many things ruled out by new vet!! No CHF or Asthma!

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  • Westgold
    Apr 3, 2012
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      Well it is the high carbs causing the weight gain -- but you're right on the other point. My vet feels that dry food sucks the fluids out of the cat -- he says that a cat can never possibly drink enough water to replace all the fluids that are sucked up by the dry foods as they pass through the body. This of course puts extra strain on the kidneys.

      I am also very active on the felinediabetes group where I have helped many kitties achieve what I did with my cat after he was diabetic on insulin for 4 years -- with an all-canned diet we've been able to get our cats off insulin. Or at least greatly reduce the amount of insulin needed, which reduces complications. A few years ago when Evo came out with that new dry food that was supposed to be higher protein, a lot of people tried it. They were happy to be able to feed their kitties dry again, etc. However, within just a couple weeks they had to stop feeding Evo and go back to the canned. Several kitties who were totally off insulin started needing it again after just a couple weeks on the evo -- and some who were on a reduced amount of insulin on canned had to up the insulin when they went on Evo. So although Evo "might" be the highest-protein dry food, it is still not enough for cats, who are obligate carnivores, that means they should eat only meat.

      I believe that our heart kitties deserve the best possible food, to keep their strength up -- and that is what they were created to eat -- MEAT. No grains, no vegetables, no fruit, no corn, no gluten, etc. MEAT.
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      The main issue with dry foods isn't so much the lack of protein and high carb content, as there are many dry foods that have high protein counts, comparable of wet foods. The issue is the lack of moisture, which usually runs ~8% in dry food versus ~78% in wet food.


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