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  • Heather.M.Hamilton@WellsFargo.COM
    Dec 26, 2001
      When Luci eats she never seems to eat much. Maybe I will discuss the dental
      with the vet today when I bring her in. They only had one time slot to
      squeeze me in today. The cats had their teeth cleaned for the first, and so
      far only, time in 1998. And boy have prices gone up. Now I think they
      quoted me $500 to do both cats - so $250 each. That includes everything but
      extractions. I think it was half the price in '98. I figured it would take
      a miracle to get Luci's bad tooth better. It's working it's way out and
      it's a bit loose. So if she needs to go under anyways I guess sooner is
      better. Maybe that is why she's losing weight. I'm sure bad teeth aren't
      good for her heart problem either. They're red around the canines but it
      doesn't look like they're pussing or anything.



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      Hi Heather,

      I am so sorry about your Alchy; we also had a cat who was in trouble one
      minute and gone the next.

      If your cats are in relatively good health, I wouldn't wait to have the
      dental work done. Bad teeth can cause lots of other problems. I don't
      know about this, but I wouldn't think any diet would help a really bad
      tooth. Of course get the eye cleared up. But sometimes if you wait for
      dental work a cat can get sicker; then the dental work is more dangerous --
      and not having it will cause problems.

      Our cat has early CRF and heart problems. I requested dental work done,
      and the vet agreed. Mittens had blood work just prior to the dental work,
      and I stayed with him during the bloodwork, wait for results, and even while
      they induced anesthesia, so he wasn't too afraid or stressed. Mittens had
      the new anesthesia, his BP was monitored the whole time he was under and he
      was fine. I'm glad to have that done.

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