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44191Re: [FH] Has anyone had a stroke or clot even though they were on aspirin therapy?

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  • Carol
    Feb 3, 2012
      The clot coming loose and getting lodged either in the brain or other artery, is what causes the stroke. Any of the blood thinning medications and supplements are taken to prevent the clots from forming and coming loose causing the stroke.

      Nattokinase does thin the blood, reduces the formation of the fibrin that can cause clots to form. If there is a clot, the nattokinase, since it is an enzyme, the enzyme will "digest" the clot. That's the theory anyway. There haven't been any real medical studies on Nattokinase. There are a few studies done and those papers are in our files under "nattokinase". http://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/feline-heart/links/Nattokinase_001234831633/

      I don't really know which, if any, are better to use to prevent clots. I just hope that us giving the nattokinase to Misty is going to prevent her from getting a clot. We lost her sister, Snowball, to a clot. We didn't have her on anything, because the vet didn't think she was as bad as she was. I wish we had not listened to them and given it to Snowball. Maybe she'd still be with us if we had given her something.

      Carol and the gang

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      Isn't asprin/plavix for removing clots, and natto for preventing clots?
      Why would they have any effect on strokes? Do they have any effect?

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