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44180Re: [FH] At the crossroads, need advice

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  • DH
    Feb 3, 2012
      Jim, as far as I can tell, she is doing amazingly well for what I see on the xrays. With fluid in the lungs, I would expect gurgling, crackling, or some sign of distress...but she just purrs away and blinks those big eyes at me. My husband's fear is that she will begin to drown in her own fluids (something we've experienced before and not willing to go through again), but where do I look for the warning sign? I have a call in to her regular vet for another opinion, and will weigh our options after that consult. Your thoughts and suggestions are wise, and very much appreciated. I am printing all this information out on paper so I can refer back to everyone's ideas and remind myself not to overlook anything. Everyone's encouragement and guidance is helping me through this more than words can say.
      Diane & Peanut

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Jim Sinclair <jisincla@...> wrote:
      > Is Peanut in any pain or acute distress right now, or do you have time to consider options, consult with cardiologist, wait and see how she responds to lowered/stopped LRS? If she's in pain, demand medication to control it. Then take some deep breaths, relax yourself, and take time to make a decision you'll be able to live with after this is all over.
      > Too often people see this kind of thing as a binary choice--either
      aggressive treatment or immediate euthanasia. If it were my cat, I
      would opt for aggressive pain management and whatever else is needed
      to keep her comfortable, try any supportive treatment that can be done
      without causing distress (such as changing fluids or medications),
      hold off on anything that would cause her pain or distress, and see if *she* decides that "it's time."
      > If it's her time and you don't do anything to hold her back, hopefully she'll go peacefully on her own. Then you'll know that it really was her time.
      > If she's not ready to go and still has some fight left in her, you can decide about draining fluids, if and when you see improvement with supportive care.
      > Wishing the best for you and Peanut.
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