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43969Re: Lasix or Spironolactone

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  • joanne marbut
    Jan 2 2:07 PM
      Depending on the amount of fluid a cat is suspectible to collecting, lasix alone may not be enough. A cat may also need spironolactone not only as a diuretic but also to help the body preserve potassium.  If the CBC/chem panel blood test shows a low level of potassium, around 4 or less, then a supplement might be needed. Normal range is 3.5-5 for cats.  My cat's blood potassium was 4.2 but the cardiologist-in order to warrant off any possible kidney issues since my cat's on lasix and spironolactone-suggested I give a supplement. I have been giving her half of a human potassium supplement (divided over three meal times) and her potassium level is now 4.5.  If you are trying to decide if your cat should have both, I would say both are beneficial. Good luck!

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