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  • Carol
    Jan 2, 2012
      hi Jim,

      I used to use dandelion leaf (root is typically used for liver disorders), on my angel Sweetie. It did help some, but it's not really potent enough to handle the kind of fluid that comes along with CHF kitties. I used a combination of dandelion leaf and lasix in the beginning of Sweetie's CHF, when it wasn't so bad, but as her condition progressed, we dropped the dandelion and just used the lasix.

      Dandelion isn't really any "safer" than the drugs as far as protection for the kidneys, because it's still a diuretic and will have the same effect on taking fluid out of the body that's needed for other organ functions.

      The only thing about dandelion is that it does have other nutrients in it that can be of benefit.

      Carol and the gang

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      Thank you,Lyn...
      I was thinking of alternatives to lasix.Have you ever heard of dandelion leaf used as a diuretic in cats ?


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