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43682Re: [FH] Re: My cat is suffering from saddle thrombus and is refusing to eat

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  • Carol
    Nov 3, 2011
      Yes, that is correct. You do not give Nattokinase with any other blood thinners. Sometimes vets will give aspirin and Plavix at the same time. Aspirin thins the blood - Plavix keeps the blood from being "sticky". Nattokinase digests clots that are already formed and can inhibit the formation of new ones. If your vet is familiar with nattokinase and the use of aspirin and/or concurrently, they would know the exact correct dose to be used with both, but most of the time you take either Nattokinase OR aspirin...NOT BOTH.

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      From: Toby Jones <tobythelegend@...>

      You can't give natto at the same time as Plavix, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Plavix, Natto, and Aspirin should all be given individually

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