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43670Re: My cat is suffering from saddle thrombus and is refusing to eat

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  • mysweetbunbun
    Nov 3, 2011
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      Hello everyone,

      Just a update on Mao. Today he's feeling a bit better, he drinks and eats and goes potty. Also he can hold himself up and walk for a short distant (still wobbly though). Sometimes he growls and hisses, I think his legs still hurt from time to time. But it's great to see him getting better everyday.

      I have a few question on nattokinase. He's on Plavix, lasix, benazepril, and baby aspirin (every 3 days), should I subsitute it to aspirin? Anything I should be aware of if I decide to give him nattokinase?

      Thank you for sharing.

      sweetbun and mao
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