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  • Patricia Crawford
    Oct 7 9:04 PM
      Bastet was born with congenital heart abnormalities -- a ventricular septal defect (VSD), basically a hole in her septum, the wall dividing the left and right ventricles of the heart. So by the time I adopted her at 9 months she had a stage 6 heart murmur and dilated cardiomyopathy that developed into congestive heart failure about three years ago. She had a cardiac ultrasound when it first became available, and continued to have them every year. But when she started getting inappetant, they did another and the deterioration between May and September was profound.

      I developed a heart murmur after rheumatic fever in childhood, caused by a scarring (narrowing) a heart valve from the infection.

      I had no idea murmurs could be caused by stress but that doesn't surprise me in the least.


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      From: "C.R." <carolroar@...>
      Date: Thursday, October 6, 2011 8:27 am
      Subject: [FH] Now Puddy
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      > hi everyone,
      > I had to bring my Puddy, my 10 year old male Manx, to the vet
      > yesterday, because he's been having inappropriate peeing issues,
      > so they're doing a urine culture... but during his exam, the vet
      > told me that she hears a heart murmur in him now. {sigh}
      > So many of my cats have had or now do have murmurs and/or HCM,
      > that you think I'd be used to hearing that news by now, but it
      > still shoots fear through me when I hear it.
      > I was wondering if anyone was ever told what exactly causes a
      > heart murmur? I asked my vet, but she just said it could
      > be a number of things, even stress. So if it's stress
      > induced murmur, does that mean the heart returns to normal with
      > no murmur when they're not stressed?
      > The other thing is how concerned do you have to be when your cat
      > has just a murmur...that it turns into worse heart
      > disease? What have some of you experienced with your
      > murmur only kitties?
      > I'd welcome any sharing of info on this. Thanks.
      > hugs,
      > Carol and Angel Snowball *5/10/91 to 1/1/10*
      > & the gang
      > http://carolandsteveskitties.shutterfly.com/

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