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43428Re: [FH] Heart disease seems common??

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  • Patti Thomas
    Oct 2 11:26 AM
      Hi Danyielle,

      That is quite interesting.  What breed of cats do you have?  Both the ones with heart disease and the two without.  Are they all the same breed?


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      Sent: Sunday, October 2, 2011 1:20 PM
      Subject: [FH] Heart disease seems common??

      Of the 7 cats I've had in my home since 1994, 5 have/had heart disease. 2 died of heart disease and 1 died of something else and the last 2 are doing fine. These last two have had murmurs since kitten hood. My one other cat shows no symptoms but I've never had her checked out and don't plan to. Now I'm thinking heart disease is more common than is thought or have I had bad luck. I hear of cats being found dead when the guardian comes home and I'd think that's usually heart disease.

      Has anyone studied Vet records, like they sometimes do with the big corporations that own a lot of Vet offices, to see how common heart disease is?

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