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43423Re: Sunshine...should i do heart screenings on my cats at a certain age?

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  • LeeAnnC
    Oct 2, 2011
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      It was both..they were both there at the same time but when my vet left the room and i was leaving after they told me to lower the lasix to once a day i asked the cardiologist if she would fill with fluid again and he said he didn't know so i asked him if she was doing well on the 2x a day is it harmful to leave her on it and he said no..it's such a low dose so he said we can just leave it as is which is what we did....i am going to ask my vet next week when Sunshine goes back for bloods as someone else here suggested to rather then cut the dose in half to give Sunshine her regular 1/2 in the am and a 1/4 in the pm rather then the half.
      I am just so afraid to change anything because she is doing fantastic...again now trying to get her off the prednisone.
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