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43418Tigger Turns 7 !

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  • Westgold
    Oct 1, 2011
      Hi everybody --

      my precious Scottish Fold little boy Tigger turned 7 years old today. He
      was diagnosed with HCM at age 6 months. He had a 3-4 murmur when I bought
      him, so we got him checked out right away. He was safely neutered, and is
      just fine now. I give him beef-flavor liquid atenolol mixed in his wet food
      every morning and evening, and he hasn't had any progression of his HCM.
      You can't even tell he's sick, and I thank God everyday for that, and pray
      that he will live a normal life without any problems.

      HCM is not an automatic death sentence. There are a LOT of kitties on this
      list who have lived way past the time their vets said they might fail. But
      we know that HCM is a horrible disease, and it can turn on a dime. So we
      are always prepared!

      Tonight we are all celebrating Tigger's birthday with a new wand toy and
      fresh sauteed Sole fillets -- I'll also have a baked potato. C'mon over if
      you'd like to join us! I'll throw another potato in for you.

      Take care -- Michelle, Susie Q & Tigger Too in Toronto
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