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43417Re: [FH] Re: Sunshine...should i do heart screenings on my cats at a certain age?

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  • christine french
    Sep 30, 2011
      Oh lee ann
      I feel for you wi several old cats wi health problems!you are runnin a small hospital,you are florence pussingale!:-)
      Its a lot!!!
      Emotionaly n practically,thank god u have insurance!
      I dont,its been a killer financially!
      It makes a huge difference what u can do!
      Lovely to have a great vet too!
      Sunshine n the others too
      Christina n wee old karma

      On Sat, 01 Oct 2011 02:14 BST LeeAnnC wrote:

      > I have been doing the cbc every week for the last month because of the anemia..my vet is trying to get her off of the prednisone but every time we try to lower the pred a little bit 5 days later the blood count drops to low and we have to raise it again.
      > The cardiologist told me to recheck again in 6 months..my vet was there and laughed and told him i'll be back in 6 weeks..lol. I do try to keep on top of things.
      > Thank god for my insurance..i never could have done this without it....Including Sunshine's heart..she is also hyper thyroid...her brother is kidney failure..hyper thyroid and hyper para thryoid..along with one of my other hyper thyroid cats. I feel like i'm running a hospital here.
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