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42952Re: Luigi's fluid is milky & pink

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  • janie
    Aug 6, 2011
      Purina O/M weight management and for thorax. Our cats loved it. They
      all shed a pound and Jaguar lost his weight and ate a lot of it.
      Hills w/d but Purdue told us for him Purina O/M as he was a little
      over weight. Sure hope the rutin works. Yes 500mg. pill but I think I
      cut that in half. Half a pill at breakfast then supper and bed. I
      dont think its a whole 500 mg pill each time. Its been awhile but I
      know I cut them in half. They can mess your carpet up too so be
      careful with the stain. Maybe someone can clarify. I know I cut them
      and Jag was 20 pounds he had the same dose as the 11 pounder. Janie
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