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  • Melissa Legan
    Aug 5, 2011
      My vet and The Ohio State University made the suggestion of ROYAL CANIN CALORIE CONTROL 38- both canned and dry for Winston's chylothroax. Its a prescription diet and the vet can order it. Wellness actually makes a low fat diet too- but my vets thought the prescription diet was best. I have some of the wet and dry if you;d like to try them for Luigi.
      I still have 10 pounds of the dry left after Winston passed away last month......

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      Subject: [FH] Re: Luigi's fluid is milky & pink
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      He does have the milky fluid, it's pink from blood probably, but when analyzed doesn't have all it's supposed to have to actually be chylous pleural effusion. I now have him on Rutin 3x/day.

      What is a low fat diet? Does it have the be the prescription types like R/d and W/d?

      Right now I am hand feeding him canned C/d and sneaking in some canned K/d. Dry food he's eating on his own, tiny bit, is C/d dry.

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      > If he has got chylous pleural effusion the fluid is milky. Rutin will
      > work!!!!! I had a cat years ago who had this no heart problems at all
      > and she got it. She was 5 lived about 5 more years and in good health.
      > I did monitor her and not let her out in heat and all.
      > It did take her in the end. I had another one Jaguar who a few years
      > ago had it. We went to Purdue University and they said its rare as
      > there was no reason. Jag had to be tapped 3 times. Then all of a
      > sudden the rutin kicked in. He was back to himself . Both cats were
      > put on low reside foods. Now he was on Purina for weight reduction as
      > he was a little over weight. She was on Euckanuba which I dont know if
      > they make it. Its to help bot for so much chyle. There is a surgery
      > very expensive and they had considered Jag if he didnt get well as the
      > long you wait it isnt good. He got it under control but we lost him
      > last year to cancer. He fought so hard with all he had he even was
      > fiv. But if it turns out you got this my cats were living proof they
      > may live. Rutin works. I hope its something easier than that but just
      > wanted to put in my cats experience. There are others on here too,
      > Good luck Janie

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