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42932Re: [FH] Re: Punky's purple gums / Coca tea

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  • Ana Gutierrez-Preciado
    Aug 4, 2011
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      Thanks Lyn!

      That's exactly my concern... I know cat livers can't metabolize a lot of alkaloids. The thing is, there is not a lot of research done in this topic. I'll keep on reading, googling and searching in pubmed.

      My vet thinks it's worth it to use the tea, and to add an hepatoprotector, such as Milk Thistle. So that's what I did.

      Punky will have the blood tested tomorrow, as well as his electro.

      Best wishes,

      Ana Gutierrez Preciado

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      Hi Ana

      I can't comment on the tea as I have never used it but I know some
      alkaloids are toxic in cats so you might want to google the list of ingredients
      with 'safe' and 'cats'. Has Punky had his red blood cell level tested to be
      sure he isn't anaemic?


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