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42930Re: [FH] Punky's purple gums / Coca tea

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  • Ana Gutierrez
    Aug 4, 2011
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      Well, yes... It does not accelerate the heart rate...

      If it's good for Punky, I'll do anything....

      Bolivians have been taking this tea for hundreds of years... I don't see
      anything wrong with that... The cocaine concentrations are rather small,
      it's a common (and old) analgesic.... This is not an addictive drug, is a
      medical herb.


      On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 12:41 PM, Westgold <westgold@...> wrote:

      > **
      > Cocaine!!!??
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      > *Subject:* [FH] Punky's purple gums / Coca tea
      > Hi all,
      > Yesterday Punky woke up with his gums in a purpleish tone... Hoping it was
      > only my paranoia, I took him to the vet for a check up.... It wasn't my
      > imagination... Punky is not fine, he is definitively not oxygenating his
      > blood.
      > After the vet check up Punky was really stressed so the vet decided to
      > leave
      > him alone for a couple of days and will do an electro tomorrow.
      > If things continue this bad I will make an appointment with his
      > cardiologist.
      > Punky presented liver enlargement, his right part of the heart is
      > thickening.... and the vet said that if you put a finger in his gums, the
      > color takes a while to come back.
      > Since he is not oxygenating his blood appropriately I thought it was a good
      > idea to make him a coca tea. Have you guys ever use this in your cats? I
      > found no info of coca used in cats.
      > Surprisingly, the coca tea helped him and he had today a lower breathing
      > rate.
      > Coca leaf has the following alkaloids (sorry I cannot translate all the
      > names):
      > - *Cocaine*. It is the methyl ether of benzoyl egnonina, anesthetic and
      > analgesic properties
      > - *Egnonina*. It is a carboxylic acid derivative of atropine, has
      > properties to metabolize fats, sugars and carbohydrates. *It thins the
      > blood*.
      > - *Atropine*. Or scopolamine, is the anesthetic that produces dryness in
      > the respiratory tree.
      > - *Pectin*. It is absorbent and anti-diarrheal, along with Vitamin E,
      > regulates the production of melanin to the skin.
      > - *Papain*. This protease, which contains the highest proportion papaya,
      > is very similar to cathepsin animal is a kind of ferment that speeds
      > digestion.
      > - *Higrina*. *Excites the salivary glands when there is deficiency of
      > oxygen in the atmosphere*.
      > - *Globulin*. *It is a cardiotonic regulates the lack of oxygen in the
      > environment, improving blood circulation*. Avoid sorojche (altitude
      > sickness).
      > - *Pyridine*. Accelerates the formation and functioning of the
      > brain,*increases blood flow to the pituitary glands
      > *, resulting in improved overall body.
      > - *Quinoline*. Prevents the formation of dental caries by the phosphorus
      > and calcium.
      > - *Conine*. It is a powerful anesthetic.
      > - *Cocamina*. It is a painkiller with the previous one, helps increase
      > the anesthetic and analgesic properties of natural cocaine.
      > - *Inulin*. *Refreshes and improves the functioning of the liver*, bile
      > secretion and its accumulation in the gallbladder.* **It is diuretic*,
      > helps eliminate toxic substances not physiological. It is a
      > polysaccharide, much like vitamins B-12, which *increases the number of
      > blood cells. *
      > - *Benzoin*. Accelerates the formation of muscle cells and prevents the
      > putrefaction of food, hence its therapeutic properties for gastritis and
      > ulcers.
      > - *Reserpine*. *Regulates blood pressure hypotension and
      > hypertension*and helps the formation of bone cells.
      > Please let me know if you think I am making a huge mistake.
      > Do you guys know of other ways to increase the oxygen levels in the blood?
      > I was thinking of taking him to an hyperbaric chamber.... Do you know which
      > pressure does the chamber need to work on a cat? A small cat, Punky weights
      > 2.5 kilos.
      > Best wishes,
      > Ana
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