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42927Re: Luigi's Ultrasound, good & bad news

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  • janie
    Aug 4, 2011
      If he has got chylous pleural effusion the fluid is milky. Rutin will
      work!!!!! I had a cat years ago who had this no heart problems at all
      and she got it. She was 5 lived about 5 more years and in good health.
      I did monitor her and not let her out in heat and all.
      It did take her in the end. I had another one Jaguar who a few years
      ago had it. We went to Purdue University and they said its rare as
      there was no reason. Jag had to be tapped 3 times. Then all of a
      sudden the rutin kicked in. He was back to himself . Both cats were
      put on low reside foods. Now he was on Purina for weight reduction as
      he was a little over weight. She was on Euckanuba which I dont know if
      they make it. Its to help bot for so much chyle. There is a surgery
      very expensive and they had considered Jag if he didnt get well as the
      long you wait it isnt good. He got it under control but we lost him
      last year to cancer. He fought so hard with all he had he even was
      fiv. But if it turns out you got this my cats were living proof they
      may live. Rutin works. I hope its something easier than that but just
      wanted to put in my cats experience. There are others on here too,
      Good luck Janie
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