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  • Carol
    Aug 1, 2011
      hi Jim,

      I know the feeling...so much going on and so many sick kitties... me too.

      Sometimes cats who are hyperthyroid can have that spikey fur. Misty who is hyperthyroid along with her other problems has that. I'm not sure why it gets that way, but my angel Sweetie who was also hyperthyroid had it too.

      That doesn't necessarily mean that it's always from that though. If they're dehydrated at all, that can cause their fur to look disheveled and unkempt. With the weather where you are being as hot and extreme as it's been, it could be that she's a bit dehydrated.

      Sometimes it can be something as simple as if they're not grooming as much their fur will get that spikey look, or if they could just need a little more moisture or oil in the food...the omega fatty acids, so giving something like a little fish oil may help.

      I hope it's nothing. You don't need anymore to worry about.

      Carol, Misty and Angel Snowball

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      This is probably a strange question, but I have been dealing with so
      much sick cat stuff, and two cat deaths within three months, and I'm
      probably a bit on-edge about my surviving cats' health, so here goes:
      Do cats get bad hair days from heat and humidity, or is spiky
      sticking-up fur a sign of possible health problems? The cat is Xena,
      an 8-year-old spayed female DSH with no known health problems to date.

      Jim Sinclair jisincla@...

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