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42340Re: [FH] Cardio Myatrophy (sp)

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  • Westgold
    Jun 7, 2011
      If you suspect a heart problem, the only way to tell for sure is through the echocardiogram. Anything your vet can do in the office (x-rays or listening) will NOT give you the answer. Just go to a cardiologist for an echo. I know it's not cheap, but if your beloved kitty has HCM, you need to know asap so you can start the meds sooner rather than later. Just get the echo and get the real answer, and work from there. But HCM is not an immediate death sentence -- with meds, many of our kitties have lived for YEARS longer than the vet thought. My Tigger is 6 1/2 now, and you can't even tell he's sick. Other kitties progress at a faster rate. You need to know what her real situation is, so you can treat accordingly.

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto
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      The Ultra Sound being one of the most expensive. I think my cat Bobtail may be experiencing some sort of heart issue being as he's got a mur mur & enlarged heart. In relation to dignosis what would you be inclined to have your vet absolutely test first then in succession with further testing? I have limited funds and have to be careful. The last time he was in hospital they charged me $2,000 and not once looked into his heart....we left with NO diagnosis, money spent for just a 2 day hospital stay and just "monitoring ie. fluids, urine testing in-house, and treatment with Orbax which they sent 2 bottles home. Nickel and dime is just killing.....They only looked at monitoring the CRF which I know is not the key factor as of late.....

      Sue & beloved Bobtail

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