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  • Diana Anderson
    Jun 4, 2011
      Thank you Carol, I so appreciate your kind words. Thank you for understanding the point I was trying to make.

      My beautiful boy Happy passed away last July 30, I miss him beyond words. He was a heart kitty with no desire to eat. He liked canned food though and fancy feast was the only one he'd touch and only three flavors at that. God how every day was a struggle to get him to eat.

      My hubby was lonely for a cat so we adopted 5 year old Cali in March.This is our first female. She is the opposite of sweet natured Happy, she's a bossy diva who loves to eat.

      She got too heavy while at the shelter as they kept putting food in the dish. Our vet said she is healthy but put her on a prescription diet to lose weight, she is not fed freely and eats at certain intervals and a set amount. She will not eat can food. I dont particularly like this prescription diet but she does and she seems to be losing the fat. When she slims down I can feed her something else and she will eat it eagerly, as long as it's dry.

      An addition to being at risk for diabetes (we already dealt with insulin shots some years ago with our Lawrence and he was a good boy at shot time. Cali would be a nightmare) she does have a grade 2 murmur.

      I have stayed with this group in honor of Happy and to keep up with the other heart kitties and their day to day struggles. I feel so bad when one of them loses the battle. It's a terrible, cruel disease. I dont think enough attention is given to feline heart disease, few people I talk to have even heard of it.

      I know what you are all experiencing, the daily worry and struggle to help your cats to live with this monster. My point is to not be so hard on yourselves, you are coping the very best you can. The fact you are on this forum shows that you care enough to even try.

      Bless you all

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          Subject: Re: OT: Dry to wet Transition
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          Date: Saturday, June 4, 2011, 4:00 PM

          Diane is so right here.  No matter how much we want to do what we think is the healthiest in the way of foods, if the cat won't eat it, it's not worth it. What you end up with is a cat who is depressed and upset and getting sicker because they won't eat what you want them to eat.  I'm one of those people who believes that raw is the best thing to feed cats, but two of my guys won't touch the raw, so it's canned for them.  If the only thing they'll eat is dry food, then I'd give them that, but then try to get them to drink more by making yummy broths for them.  You do the best you can and try to hold the diseases at bay.  What works for one cat won't for another.  My Puddy WAS on a raw diet when he developed FUS/FLUTD and blocked several times over the course of six months back in 2003 and eventully had to have the P/U surgery.  Sometimes things just don't work and you have to find a way to deal with the problems and get the kitty back to
      whatever normal for them is.
          Carol and Angel Snowball
          and the gang

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          From: Diana Anderson f1yanks@...
          I've read Dr Pierson's site, tried the tricks and advice, didnt work for my cat.

          It most likely will with many kitties but certainly not all.

          My only point is that if your cat would rather starve than eat wet food dont beat yourself up over it. I got fed up with the insults that I received (on another forum) that by not forcing my girl to eat canned food I'm killing her. Im grateful to have a kitty now that WANTS to eat.

          Do the best you can for your beloved kitty, make them happy and comfortable and give them whatever they want. That is all I'm saying.


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