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  • Bill & Linda Fischbach
    Dec 4, 2001
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      We took Mittens to the cardiologist yesterday. We were with him the whole
      time, and he was very well behaved.

      Mittens was diagnosed with Systemic Hypertension -- well controlled
      Left Ventricular Hypertrophy - consistent with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.
      Mitral Valve Regurgitation - fairly mild. No congestive failure.

      Everything seems to be in the mild or moderate range. Since his LA is
      normal, his cardiac status should be reasonably good.

      He's been prescribed atenolol, 1/4 tablet every other day until Friday when
      the regular vet does blood work and blood pressure, then if his CRF values
      are still OK, 1/4 tablet a day. The atenolol is mostly for a rapid heart

      The cardiologist said I can give Atenolol with the Norvasc, which I also
      give with Potassium. He takes his Norvasc/Potassium in the morning just
      before breakfast, which starts with a bowl of chicken broth and then dry
      food. Is this OK for Atenolol too -- to be given just before a meal.

      I'm reading up on this; I have a general idea of Mittens' condition, but I
      have no idea what most these things really mean.

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