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419Re: [feline-heart] endocarditis-I'm clueless

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  • gran_patti
    Jun 9 5:56 PM
      thank you Beverly. I am feeling a bit calmer now and I appreciate your
      input. I am not sure, and neither is the vet just how long she has had it,
      if in fact she does. I would guess about 3 months before the first baytril
      treatment, for a fever of unknown origin. She ran the ten day course of
      tablets and about3 weeks later maybe more maybe less I can't quite remember
      she developed another elevated wbc and lethargy which again was treated with
      Bayrtril almost 3 days after the treatment was started she was feeling
      better, vet says to keep her on baytril at least until I can get her
      ultrasound reread by the specialist who did it. Thanks again. Lilli sends
      her best purrs Patti
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      > Endocarditis is an inflammation of the lining about the heart. It is
      > caused by an infection and that is why antibiotics are given. If treated
      > correctly it will go away and not leave any permanet damage. It could
      > become chronic if treatment wasn't begun early.
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