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  • moms_e
    Apr 4, 2011
      Hello -
      Mr. Kitty is approx. 14yrs old - we adopted him from our local shelter 7 years ago. Poor thing has had so many problems, dental issues, fluidt, ibd and now this - but he's such a trooper.

      4 weeks ago, we brought him to his regular vet for routine checkup, including t4 (also free t4), coritzone shot and scheduled an appt. to have his teeth cleaned in 1 month time. This was a Saturday. On Sunday, he was breathing funny, so we brought him in to the local er, where they took xrays, found fluid in his lungs, he had an enlarged heart and they gave him oxygen. The next day, Monday, (he stayed over night) - he was seen by a cardio, who did another xray and ultrasound. He was dx'd with restrictive cardiomyapothy as primary disease vs secondary to hyperthyroidism. This same day, we got back the results of Mr. Kitty's blood work and he had hyperthyroidism (high). He was put on lasix (2x/day) and enalpril (2/xday) - later that day, our vet put him on Tapezol for his thyroid. They also had us start Atenol (2x/day) the following Saturday. We brought him back to our regular vet in 2 wk time for kidney and thyroid follow-up. His thyroid is now back to normal range, and his kidney just slightly elevated. His follow-up with Cardio (a new cardio) was this past Thursday. New xray, ultra-sound & general checkup. The xray showed his heart smaller, no fluid in lungs and showed no signs of restrictions. So, pretty good considering the first cardio gave us a death sentence of anytime. Big Relief. Mr.Kitty's medication was adjusted because the cardio felt his bp was on the low side.

      Mr. Kitty's new medications:
      7:00 am: Tapezol (5 mg) ½ pill (Thyroid)
      7:00 am: Atenolol (3.125 mg) 1 pill (Heart – Beta blocker)
      7:00 am: Lasix (12.5 mg) 1 pill (Diuretic)
      7:00 am: Plavix (75 mg) 1/4 pill (Blood thinner – to prevent clotting)
      7:00 pm: Tapezol (5 mg) ½ pill (thyroid)
      7:00 pm: Enalpril 1 pill (Heart - ?)
      7:00 pm: Lasix (12.5 mg) ½ pill (Diuretic)

      We also have to check his breathing (how many in/outs in a minute) and record that, in addition to anything else we find.

      He's had 2 coughing fits (he has had occasional coughing throughout the years - very sporadic) and vomited 3 times in the last 5 days. His breathing (in/outs) averages about 25 and he is sleeping a lot.

      Due to his increase in coughing, they (Vet and cardio), suspect Mr.Kitty might have allergies and/or bronchitis. Also, his dental issues are very, very bad. I'm waiting for the cardio's nurse to call me back because I have some concerns:

      Does the breathing (in/outs) seem low? I count a breath as he breaths in then out (the rhythm of how his sides go in and out) as 1, and time it for a minute?

      Which medication is making him sleepy? Do your cats sleep a lot?

      He desperately needs some kind of attention for his dental, but can they put him under? Is it safe?

      Some time soon, we have to try to incorporate some kind of antihystamine - do any of your cats have to take antihystamine? What do they take?

      I'm very sorry this is so long, I'm probably rambling - but I feel overwhelmed by all of this. Mr. Kitty is my special cat, I got him right after having a miscarriage and being told I could not get pregnant again. I have my own health issues, which keeps me housebound a lot, so Mr.Kitty and I spend a lot of time together. We have gone through so much together, him there for me and me there for him. I wish I knew that I'm doing everything right. I try not to cry and feel bad because I want to enjoy whatever time we have left together. But this is so hard.
      Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
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