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41890Re: Amy's Mez is an angel

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  • janie
    Apr 2, 2011
      Yes, I heard from Amy too. Mez is an angel. Lots of problems to solve
      we can only go as far as God lets us. I am so very sorry Amy again
      I am sure she would love the support as this group always gives us. I
      dont know what I would have done without it since 1999. I have lost a
      lot of kitties over the years. People come and go and we are here to
      support as we each go through the stages. Telling new people there is
      no time frame. We all will live and die and we should enjoy life like
      our cats do to the fullest. Love your babies each day and dont worry
      about that day. It could be fast or it could be a long time. God
      bless. Janie Boomer Cinnamon Stormy and Rockie dog brother.
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