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41876Re: [FH] Re: Heart and Kidney issues- Prayers are appreciated

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  • Carol
    Apr 1, 2011
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      hi Amy,

      I would give her potassium supplements anyway. Low potassium is as dangerous as high...it affects the heart adversely. You can crush the tablets and mix them is food to syringe. That way you're giving it with food so it shouldn't upset her tummy. The oral supplements won't work as quickly as injectable in fluids, but it'll still help.

      There are veterinary kinds of potassium (Tumil K is one), and they're usually gels or paste kind of thing that you get them to lick. My guys never liked them. Here's more info about potassium supplements from the CRF group's supplies site.

      I would give Mez some Rescue Remedy flower essence. I gave it to all of our angel heart kitties when they'd have increased respiration, and many times it helped. I don't know if it ever did anything "medical" to correct the breathing, but I know it did make them breath slower and more calmly. You can get Bach Rescue Remedy at a health food store. If you buy the one with alcohol in it, also buy a little empty dropper bottle to make your remedy. Put 5 drops of RR into the dropper bottle with spring water (not tap or distilled water). Shake the bottle 100 times (this is called succussing) on the palm of your hand the first time you make the remedy. Then each time you dose it, do the same thing but only about 20 times. This activates the energy of the flower essence. Put a few drops in the mouth or on any bare skin (rub it in in little counter clockwise circles). The tips of the ears and the tummy, the very top of the head in the middle between the ears is the calming/focus point in acupuncture. Rub some into that point all the way through the fur to the skin. You can dose Rescue Remedy every 15 minutes if you need to. It always seemed to help my guys. Here's more info on flower essences.

      Carol and Angel Snowball *5/10/91 to 1/1/10*

      and the gang

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