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41874Re: Heart and Kidney issues- Prayers are appreciated

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  • water glow
    Apr 1, 2011
      Hi Lorie,

      Her respiratory rate is elevated since last night. I spoke with my vet this morning and she said she considered giving her fluids for her kidneys at a small dose when we thought the fluid/respiratory rate was under control. She feels it would put her under more duress and quite possibly put her into heart failure now. She also said that to be effective the potassium would need to be introduced intravenously-? She said injection stings and supplements are difficult because she is not eating. Again she said fluids could affect her negatively. Her breath is quite strong smelling so I imagine it is the toxic build up. She said we could try Themodidine for the acid in her system and to help coat the possible ulcerations she is dealing with. I'm having a hard time feeling clear about it all. Can I put potassium in a syringe? Does it need to be balanced with any other minerals? Will it make any impact without the fluids?


      Amy and Mez

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      Subject: Re: Heart and Kidney issues- Prayers are appreciated
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      Hi Amy (and Mez).


      You both have my thoughts and prayers behind you!


      Amy, I would definitely consider a potassium supplement to increase the blood potassium level if it is very low. Giving fluids to these cats with kidney and heart issues can be tricky and really is a delicate balancing act. Often, fluids are given along with a low-dose of a diuretic (like Lasix/furosemide). But this is something that is disputed even between veterinarians. If fluids are given, low volumes given more frequently may be helpful. For instance, if you're giving subcut. fluids, cut the total fluid dose (calculated for a cat with kidney disease but no heart disease) by 25-50% and divide it up into two doses rather than one.


      I would also make sure Mez' blood pressure is being monitored. Hyper or hypo-tension can both cause further issues with both the heart and kidneys.


      Are you seeing a cardiologist with Mez? If not, you might want to consider doing so. Often, they have a bit more experience dealing with these types of problems than a general practitioner.


      Good luck with Mez. I hope he feels better soon.


      Lorie Huston, DVM

      Pet Health Care Gazette (www.pet-health-care-gazette.com)

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      Subject: Heart and Kidney issues- Prayers are appreciated

      Hi Lorie (and others dealing with this),

      Have you dealt with many cases where a cat was on diuretics for heart and also receiving fluids for Kidneys? Mez's legs are now weak and she seems to not have much muscle tone all in a couple of days. What is the protocol usually for this? Her voice has been scratchy the past 2 days. I was told her potassium was low, electrolytes abnormal (from spiro?) I have a call into her vet. Is there anything we can do in your opinion? My vet is reluctant to give fluids because of fluid in her heart, saying she doesn't know what else to do for her. Really?? Can we do small doses (sub-fluids) and still be effective? Would B shots be important at this time? Potassium supplement?

      Thank you. Feeling in a really tough spot. Prayers are appreciated :)

      ~Amy and Mez

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