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41732Re: Tino passed away this morning

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  • C.R.
    Mar 9, 2011
      Oh Wendy,

      I'm so very sorry to hear this news. I'm in tears reading your post. That's exactly what happened to Snowball, exactly. I felt helpless. We didn't take her to the ER that day, it was new year's day 2010. We decided to just try to make her comfortable, because we could tell she was leaving us and nothing we did would have probably brought her back... but, like you, I'm still wondering to this day if there wasn't something we could have done. Over a year later and I'm still wondering. In my head I know we did the right thing...gave her pain meds and less than 20 mintues later she was gone..about the amount of time it would have taken us to get to the ER anyway... but in my heart, I still am beating myself up thinking there might have been something I could have done. I think we all do that...because we love them so much and we just want them with us forever. Especially when they were fine one minute and then have this horrible thing happen the next. Snowball was fine the night before too...walking around, curled up on her chair sleeping like a cinnamon roll all tucked around herself. That morning sleeping peacefully in the windowbed and then suddenly the bolt from the bed to the floor and all the same things as you described went on for her too. Half an hour before I was giving her breakfast. It's cruel how fast they get taken away from us. We don't have time to prepare. We don't have time to do anything really.... except love them, tell me we love them and that we want to see them again one day when we're all together again.

      You took such good care of him. He was so very loved and happy. Remember that when you're trying to push away the thoughts of regrets and all of the sad things. I know it doesn't help right now, but eventually all the good memories will help your heart heal. Mine is still healing, so I understand how much you're hurting.

      I'll light a candle for Tino tonight. I'm sure he's sitting by your side now watching over you.

      Sending you gentle hugs,
      Carol and Angel Snowball
      and the gang
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