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41728Tino passed away this morning

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  • Wendy Solem
    Mar 9, 2011
      It's been a while since I've been o the site, I have been so lucky with my boy
      "Tino". My luck ran out this morning. He went into congestive heart failure
      over the 4th of July and I almost lost him then, I was very lucky they were
      able to save his life and he was doing quite well on all his medications.

      This morning I got up at 4am to go to work; Tino was still alseep on the bed.
      He woke with a start and screamed in pain. he began to vomit and "swim" across
      the floor, he was unable to stand. he was writhing in pain on the floor and
      open mouth breathing.Urinated and defecated on himself

      His legs were splayed out in all directions.

      The ER vet said that it was a thrown clot .

      I couldn't let him suffer, he was thrashing about and screaming in pain. I made
      the choice to let him go right away and ran him to the ER, I and am absolutely

      Just last night, he ate all of his food and Joeys and insisted on sleeping on my
      lap, he was happy and comfortable.

      This all happened within an hour. The Dr was lovely (she also has a blk and wht
      tuxedo) and she said that after seeing this about 50 times, she has only seen
      one recover and Tino was in such agony.

      I knew that he had to go, suffering was not an option for him but after telling
      everyone else to trust their instincts and never second guess themselves, here I
      am wondering if I could have done anything more or was his quality of life
      really over in a such a fast second.

      Thanks for listening, I am trying to be grateful that they pulled him from the
      brink on the 4th of July and trying to take comfort that he is no longer in
      pain, but its easier said than done.

      Thanks all for all the support this group has given - it's been invaluable

      Wendy and "Joey"

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