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  • Judi Levens
    Feb 13, 2011
      I have to tell you all that hearing from you is really helping me...I just don't want to let the to let the topic go...I miss him so much and this is something concrete to hold onto...it's like as soon as I stop talking about it I wll have to really acknowledge emotionally that he's not coming back...of course I know it intellectually. Thank you all so much for keeping us in your thoughts...Judi and Angel Max

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      I agree! Please hang in there with us. Your input as a much respected veteran member is invaluable.

      All the best,

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      Judi, I know I speak for all of us -- please stay on this list! Your experience and compassion are so valuable to us. You'll be able to help all the new people who reluctantly join this list looking for help for their precious little ones.

      take care -- Michelle & Tigger Too in Toronto

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