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  • elizabeth a
    Feb 12, 2011

      I wanted to ask an opinion re: atenolol.

      My kitty has been on it for one year. half tab in morning, quarter tab at night.

      For the times I may go out of town for a week, if I slowly wean her down to 1/4 tab once a day, how detrimental will that be to her overall? Then I would "ramp her back up" slowly when I got back.

      I think that would work out to:

      4 days in a row of 1/4 tab, morning and night
      7 days in a row of 1/4 tab, morning only.
      4 days in a row of 1/4 tab, morning and night.

      Then back to normal.

      How much would that harm her?

      Her petsitter comes twice a day but medications are difficult. She cannot catch her, and kitty isn't always good at eating her food with meds hidden in it. Plus, I have another cat which complicates the food/med combo. Being able to reduce kitty to once a day for meds when I am out of town (still with two sitter visits) would make things a lot easier overall.

      The petsitter currently has to visit my house four times a day even though the meds are only once AM, once PM. Kitty is finicky and so she has to put other kitty in bedroom, put out the food/meds for kitty who needs them, then come back an hour later to see if she has eaten them.

      Thanks for any insights. If this is harmful we won't consider it.
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