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41091Re: [FH] Saying goodbye to Mr Winston

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  • carolroar@aol.com
    Dec 10, 2010
      Oh Cathy,

      I'm so, so very sorry to hear that you lost your dearest little Winston. My heart breaks for you. You were such a good mom to him and you gave him so much love and care and kindness. I know that he loved you dearly too and still does. I know how hard it is losing them. I still cry for Snowball. ...but somewhere in my heart I know that they're still here with us, watching over us and staying by our side. So many times I hear others say that they "move on". Maybe they do at some point, but I truly believe that they stay with us a long time after they pass, to make sure we're okay.... and if they do move on, that they can pop back to be by our side in an instant if we ever need them. I talk to Snowball every night and I have to believe that she hears me and is here near me. I just can't see her.

      I'll light a candle for your dear Mr. Winston tonight. My heart goes out to you and I'm holding you in my prayers too.

      Carol and Angel Snowball
      and the gang

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