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41083Saying goodbye to Mr Winston

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  • cathy coleman
    Dec 10, 2010
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               This is an email I have dreaded writing but it is time to do so. I want to let you all know that I had to let my Winston go last night. It was very very hard but I know it was the right decision. Ironically, it was not the HCM that got him. It was something that appeared to be unrleated. Winston had slowed down a bit but seemed mostly himself up until this past Saturday when he did not wake me up at the crack of dawn to eat. He ate only a few bites on Sat and on Sunday and seemed very listless and not himself. I brought him on Monday morning to Tufts where they said he was very dehyrated. His kidney values were not good, and both the doctors and I thought this was the inevitable battle between the kidney and the heart which many of you are familiar with I know. They thought they might be able to turn the situation around with adminstering fluids and potassium pills.
      We tried that. He still wasn't eating and still seemed sick. I brought him back in and he stayed the night. When I brought him in, I told them about the "guck" in his left eye. I had wiped out this brown discharge out of his left eye but it seemed to be back.They didn't seem too concerned at the time. The next day though, they called me and said his kidney values were still bad but a little better, but the bad news was he appeared to have either a tumor or a bad infection in his eye. It had gotten much much worse in just one day! He looked like he had been punched in the eye. His left side of his head and eye were swollen. He could barely open it. They recommended that if we go forward with treatment, we do the feeding tube and take out the eye.
      At 15 and with his progressing HCM (which was diagnosed end stage in May of 09 and had progressed as of his last echo in June), I couldn't see doing this. It seemed too much to put him through with no gaurantee of buying him much more than maybe a couple of months. If the tumor was cancer, I couldn't imagine treating at this point.
      Winston was the love of my life in a lot of ways -- a perfect match for me -- affectionate, a constant companion (underfoot even when it was inconvenient!). I live alone and I can't bring msyelf to go home yet. I stayed at my parents' the last 2 nights. I am dreading going home to the empty house and the empty feeling that goes with it.
      I do want to say this though -- you all have been a god send. I appreciate all the kindness and advice and wisdom I've received here over the last year and a half. You have all been through hard times and are so kind and loving. I would like to offer some meds. I just got an order of Plavix and Pimobendan and also have some Enalapril, Spironolactone, and lasix.
      I've benefitted from others generosity on this list in this way and woudl like to give back to someone who needs these. I know the Plavix and Pimo are especially expensive and I know that can be a tough thing! Please email me off list if you're interested and I'll get this all together sometime in the next week or so.
      Thank you again. I always sign this Cathy & Winston. It feels too sad to sign it just Cathy so I'm going to thank you from Winston too who I know would also offer his thanks,
      Cathy & Winston in MA

      At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. ~Jean Houston

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      Hi Ana

      Punky is absolutely beautiful.! He's going to be huge when he grows into
      those ears.He looks semi longhair and a pedigree cross possibly?

      If he has had an ultrasound, you can ask that to be forwarded to the new
      cardiologist. Was it a cardiologist who did the initial ultrasound? You need
      a definite diagnosis. HCM in a kitten is usually genetic and advances
      quickly so I would have thought he would need some medication as Trixi and Maxi
      and Milli had. Unless it's mild, then they may monitor him with repeat
      ultrasounds to see if it progresses.

      The achondroplasia is likely an inherited defect and makes pituitary
      dwarfism unlikely. It would have affected his back legs as well and his body
      looks normal for a 4 month kitten. As for the neutering, well that's always a
      risk of course. Milli and Trixi and Maxi were all neutered and came through.
      There are some anaesthetics which are safer but I would take the
      cardiologists advice.

      Undescended testicles can lead to a tumour in later life so they do like to
      remove them. Also you would have a full male cat capable of mating and
      spraying. But he's only 4 months, you can give him time to settle yet. Every
      operation is a risk with a heart kitty, but that would be entirely your
      choice. We had Trixi neutered when we had no choice because she had an tooth
      abcess. She sailed through it. Milli had a bad time and suffered a fit under
      the anaesthetic, she also had a tumor removed at the same time. But she
      recovered. Maxi had no issues at all and neither did any of the other heart

      Except Molly who was allergic to catgut!

      Hope that helps. I`m glad you're seeing a cardiologist. You love Punky
      every day. Only special people are chosen by heart kitties:)

      Love Lyn

      _www.myfurkids.co.uk_ (http://www.myfurkids.co.uk/)

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