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  • Barbie
    Dec 3, 2010
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       Sorry to hear about your loss.  It will be 2 months
      in a week or so I lost Nunu.  I miss her terribly.
      It is very hard to let go, I haven't completely yet.
      I still cry every other day.  It is so sad. 

      Take care.

      "Whoever wants to know something about me,
      must observe my paintings carefully and try to
      see in them what I am".
      Gustav Klimt

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      Hello all

      I haven't been very active on this list, but you all are a testimony as to
      how much we love our furbabies. My husband and I had to let Oz go today. He
      passed peacefully and is now in a much better place. When we had him to the
      cardiologist back in July, his HCM had worsened. They didn't give him much
      more time. Up until about three days ago, he was doing ok. Not great, but
      ok. He was not eating much, had dropped a lot of weight, and two days ago he
      began hiding. This morning his breathing became very erratic and he was
      doing this weird, deep throated meow. I called my vet and we agreed that we
      had done all we could and Ozzie was asking us to let him go. He was
      miserable. All of the other cats said good-bye to him. Timon, our oldest and
      Ozzie's bud, would not settle down last night. I know he was telling me
      Ozzie was getting ready to leave us.

      Thanks to all of you for doing what you do.

      Ozzie was a great meezer and we will miss him.

      Pam and my angel Oz

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