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40544RE: [FH] what level of noisy breathing is tolerable?

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  • Judi Levens
    Oct 4, 2010
      Hi Martha; how is Fred doing now? I would be very worried with these latest symptoms and I would take him to the emergency vet just to be safe...there is a chance he threw a clot (I am definitely no vet, but my cat had a similar experience) and if so he needs medical help...especially if he's having noisy breathing. I don't want to alarm you, and maybe he is just fine, but to be safe I would bring him in if it's possible...he's a real soldier and so are you! good luck...I hope it's not anything bad. take good care and big hugs from Judi and Max

      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      From: marticakh@...
      Date: Mon, 4 Oct 2010 01:44:06 +0000
      Subject: [FH] what level of noisy breathing is tolerable?

      Fred seems to have some moments where he will occasionally make a noisy breathing or wheezing sound, maybe has to do with his body position, maybe it's just momentary...and this is while on the Lasix....I'm wondering if this is ok. It's not like it's constant, most of the time his breathing sounds good and it's been very slow the whole time it seemed like the fluids returned ove rthe past month.

      as I just posted, I gave hiim a TID dose of lasix a few days ago but I think that was too dehydrating for him and at least that one day, not sure it did more than the BID did...today I'm just trying to rehydrate him, am afraid to give him subq fluds again cuz he used to go limp everytime I did--although as I just posted, he's now gone limp for no apparently reason, on all legs.

      but just wondering if all of your cats being treated have perfect breathing, or is a certain amount of noise that is tolerable....?

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