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40495Re: [FH] Stage D Congestive Heart Failure

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  • Melissa Legan
    Sep 30, 2010
      Winston is a far advanced case. He already receives 12.5 mg's lasix twice a day as well as 12.5 mg's HCTZ twice daily. He also gets Diltiazem, Enalapril, Carvedilol, Asprin and Potassium Gluconate.
      We are on the highest diuretic dose possible already0 thus Stage D CHF.
      JUST AN FYI- Atenolol use is high contridicted in cats that are already in active Congestive Heart Failure. That is why I cannot give Atenolol- we are in active CHF. Atenolol can also cause Asthma like or allergy like syptoms.

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      Subject: Re: [FH] Stage D Congestive Heart Failure
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      Hi Melissa,

      I have a cat that went into heart failure about 7 weeks ago to date.
      I as well have her on diuretics to clear water off and around lungs.
      Like you it seems to consistantly build up over short periods of time.
      I was hoping I could use a weaker diuretic that spared potassium
      which is the pill call spirolocatone but it wasn't efficient enough to
      remove the fluid.  So I had to put her back on the furosemide which
      she was having issues with but I had a decision to make, either I
      had to give it to her knowing she was having an allergic reaction
      or lose her completely.  Like my vet said, sometimes we have to
      endure an hour of discomfort for 23 or so hours of comfort.  That
      is what I chose.  I also started giving the furosemide with food which
      I had not been doing at first, not sure I wasn't....... hadn't even realized.
      But she seems to have an easier time and less reaction with her
      taking it with food. 

      I know that there are many ladies who have their pets on lasix
      or other diuretics on a daily basis because they are having the same
      issues as you/me. Some of them on a as need basis, but many do give
      everyday to keep fluid buildup away.  Many worry about Lasix because
      it is hard on the kidneys but I talked to a uroligist who my next
      door neighbor works for and he said as long as she is eating
      and replenishing her nutrients, losing so much potassium that it begins
      to be a problem is rare.  So it is important that cats on Lasix maintain
      a good intake of food and water.  I give mine spiro because it spares
      potassium but I give lasix too.  So I kinda feel that they are kinda working
      with each other or against each other in a good way. 

      Is your cat on any type of heart med as well as diuretic?  I have noticed
      my cat heavy breaths before her next Atenolol dose.  ATenolol slows
      the heart rate and allows the heart to complete its respirations.  When
      the respirations are not controlled the heart cannot pump completely
      which is when fluid builds up in the lungs or at least that is what my Internist
      explained to me. 

      How much Lasix are you giving.  It may not be enough to clear it up.
      When my cat was first diagnosed I was on a full pill for a good 9 days
      I think it was, then it was cut down to half a pill giving 1/4 of it twice
      daily.  That seems to be the dose that is maintaining her right now.  Although
      like any terminally ill patients HCM cats will have good days and bad days.
      There were 3 days I had to give an additional dose of lasix and extra 1/4 pill
      and that helped a lot.  I don't think it is okay to self medicate but I was told
      to give the additional if I thought she needed.  

      Do you hear the fluid, crackle, pop sounds is that why you think it is coming
      back so soon?
      "Whoever wants to know something about me,
      must observe my paintings carefully and try to
      see in them what I am".
      Gustav Klimt

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      Sent: Thu, September 30, 2010 2:02:24 PM
      Subject: [FH] Stage D Congestive Heart Failure

      We started Winston on Carvedilol alittle over 4 weeks ago. He is still in
      congestive heart failure. How many of you have had kitties that are constanly
      building fluid? What have your vets done? I give sub q lasix instead of oral,
      but now it is barely helping and fluid returns within 8 hours. We are not open
      mouth breathing. Just increased respiratory rate. I need advice. I am out of
      ideas :(

      Melissa and Winston

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