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40139Gemma grew!

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  • pouncequickly
    Aug 31, 2010
      Hello everyone.... I have been away from the group for a while and have to apologize if I missed anything on the boards from the last time I was here. When I was last on, Gemma had just started to eat dry food on her own after going off food immediately prior to and following her HCM dx. The great news this month has been that Gemma is not only eating her dry food, but will now eat canned food on her own AND she's even grown! When I took her in to the vetrinary clinic for a nail trim, I requested they weigh her as well.... she came in at 6.8lbs! She's playful and talkative again - she loudly "tells me off" if I come home from work later than she's used to, and she chases the other cats throughout the house. She's been getting a super snotty nose again, but since she tends to sleep in a direct line from the air conditioner, I have to wonder if that might factor in some. I am incredibly grateful for everyone who has helped even with the smallest bits of knowledge... this community is indeed an invaluable resource!
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