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  • Wendy Solem
    Aug 26, 2010
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      Hi Barbi,

      I am new to the group but am quickly becoming an old hand with medications for
      the heart.

      My cat Tino was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and is on all
      kinds of medications.

      Plavix seemed to have a terrible taste and he would foam at the mouth if it
      didn't go straight down.

      The Dr then put him on one baby aspirin every 3 days. (In addition he takes
      enanapril and lasix 2 times daily)

      I found that I got quite a bit of help with these meds with a company called
      "Greenies" They make a product called "pill pockets".

      They may or may not work but would definitely be worth a try.
      Tino actually begs for them even though meds are hidden inside.
      Chicken is his favorite. I also found the aspirin I used is low dose adult.
      That means that while its the dame dosage as baby aspirin, it is not flavored
      and has a protective coating so no bad taste.

      Hopefully this helps. Definitely worth a try!
      Good luck!

      Wendy "Tino" and "Josy"

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