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3999Important b12 Treatment will save lives of our older kitties/ younger too

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  • Melody Woods
    Nov 1, 2001
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      important new study info..B12 may save the kitties

      A very important new study has shown that some cats, many older but not
      all, totally lose the ability to manufacture vitamin b12 and never regain
      it. .they die and the reason is offend misdiagnosed....attributed to current
      illness or age....

      One of Bella's vets, the one who has vast experience, is having outstanding
      success in improving the health of older cats by either adding to their sub
      q or giving by injection every day b12 ...this intensive b12 treatment goes
      on for about two weeks then is tapered off gradually until we are back to
      once a week but never longer without it...

      ..it cannot be by pill....that doesn't work...your vet can sell you the
      material you need to either add b12 to sub q or can sell you the injectors
      and b12 liquid

      To many of the kitties don't make it..if this simple treatment can turn
      that around, what an important breakthrough ...i'm starting it this week for
      Bella who as you may know has been quite ill.

      I will be discussing her further in a later letter