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3997Re: [feline-heart] New member--Vicki & Augie

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  • MJ&AR
    Nov 1, 2001
      Vicky can I just make a comment. I love seeing the name Athena. That is my
      precious sweet angel's name. We use to call her Thena. I still call her
      name. Thanx for listening.
      MJ & sweet angel Thena & 6
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      Sent: Wednesday, October 31, 2001 6:01 PM
      Subject: [feline-heart] New member--Vicki & Augie

      > I have been reading posts to this list for the past 2 hours. So much
      > helpful information, but I'm a bit overwhelmed.
      > Augie is my sweet 12-year old Persian. He had a syncopic episode
      > last week in the middle of the night where he stopped breathing
      > (after a few very alarming meows). It lasted about 2 minutes and
      > then he revived . . . the vet wanted to see him in the morning and
      > did x-rays and blood tests. Heart was a bit enlarged. Blood work
      > was all normal except for one elevated reading which indicated an
      > allergic reaction. Vet said it was either feline asthma or heart
      > problems. Kept Augie over the weekend and treated him with
      > corticosteriods. He appeared to be fine and I took him home Monday.
      > Early this a.m. I found him listless with very labored breathing
      > (dyspnea) and rapid breathing (tachypnea). His breathing also seemed
      > raspy . . . my guess was fluid in his lungs. I don't know how long
      > he had been this way. Took him back to the vet who said he was in
      > congestive heart failure (which I understand can "cause just enough
      > extra work for the heart to push a weak heart into failure". X-rays
      > showed fluid in his lungs and around them (pleural effusion). He
      > treated him with an injection of Lasix which had him breathing more
      > comfortably late this afternoon when last I heard from the vet.
      > The Vet has not suggested draining the fluid . . . is this something
      > I should ask him about?
      > It looks like if Augie pulls through, he does stand a chance of
      > living a decent life for a few months to possibly years on heart meds
      > (such as Lasix, enalapril). I've been reading about the herbal
      > remedies (dandelion, rutin). Is there any advice that anyone would
      > like to offer at this point?
      > I've found this discussion list to be a GREAT resource and have
      > visited MANY of the websites recommended in your posts. It has
      > helped a great deal already!!
      > THANKS!!
      > Vicki
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