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39913Fw: Cat Food (with fish) re Gulf Coast Disaster

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  • Westgold
    Jul 29, 2010
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      We are all concerned about the contaminated fish ending up in our precious cats' food -- please forward this message to all the cat lists you know ---

      Hi everybody --- Please go to CNN.com and send messages to Anderson Cooper, Nancy Grace and Jane Valez Mitchell about this. They are both on top of exactly what is happening down there, and they both champion animal rights. If enough of us write them about this, they will look into it -- so everybody write in!!! It can just be short and sweet --

      " we are very worried about contaminated fish from the gulf ending up in our cat food -- can you please look into this for us? thank you."

      that's good enough!! Send this to all the cat lists you know of, and have everybody write them!!
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      Dear List,

      I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, so I have a special sympathy with Louisianians in terms of their current and recent hardships. Nevertheless, I am concerned about where contaminated fish parts may go. Am I paranoid to think that perhaps cat food could be thought of as a "good" dumping ground?

      My cats certainly like anything with a fish flavor. But I have not bought any cat food since the Gulf Oil spill with fish in it. I can't see WHERE the fish comes from indicated on the cans in any case. Fish food for people usually does indicate what seas it's coming from.

      I have many friends and distant family still in Louisiana; the cancer rate in the lower part of this state is very, very high, which most people there acknowledge is connected not only to the oil industry but also to the many, many chemical plants in the area which are offshoots of the oil industry. Why do they stay? The culture, the food, their friends, etc.

      So, my question is whether others on this list have concerns about possible contamination of cat food from fish harvested from the Gulf. Any ideas of how to work around this? My only thought is to occasionally give my cats some fish sold for people. Although who knows how safe THAT is?

      Best, Ti-Grace
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