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39512Re: Question medicate or not?

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  • elfinmyst@aol.com
    Jun 7, 2010
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      My Maxi was diagnosed as a kitten and went onto atenolol as a precaution.
      His meds keep him stable and it does seem to delay the progression.

      My experience is atenolol helps the heart in the early stages and yes, I`ve
      also had a reversal of HCM thickness with Trixi but she is on so many meds
      its impossible to say which has helped. Personally I think the vetmedin is
      a wonder.

      Atenolol doesn't seem to help as much with heart failure but in my
      experience it has always helped slow down the HCM progression. Josh stopped
      atenolol when he went into actual heart failure.

      My advice is get a second opinion, Ask for the scans and pictures to be
      sent to a second cardiologist or get a telephone consultation. It is perfectly
      ok for you to do this and there is evidence from tales on this forum of
      atenolol helping, even if that isn't scientific.

      Trixi's HCM is reversed to a large degree. My cardiologist calls her a
      miracle. This was partly due to a heart attack she had which actually destroyed
      some of the thickened heart muscle and I would say thanks to the wonderful
      meds and supplements she takes. Ok, it's no trial and no science, but you
      know your cat best. Trust your instinct.


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